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The future of solar

Although PV technology has been around for over 40 years, solar cells remain only 30% efficient. This means they only…

Why lithium-ion batteries work at all?

The first hours of a lithium-ion battery’s life largely determine just how well it will perform. In those moments, a…

New Flexible Transparent Solar Cells may soon power Building, Vehicles and Portable electronics

Transparent Solar Cells also known as TSC’s is the latest technologies in light to electricity conversion that may benefit BIM’s…

Buying Solar with Energy Storage – 10 Tips to make your life easier

Buying a home solar power system can be a very exciting experience, if done properly also lasting experience.  Be sure…

New Material Turns Heat Into Electricity at a World Record Rate, this could be a Game Changer!

According to a report released by the Vienna university of technology. A new type of material generates electrical current very efficiently from temperature differences.

Legal Anti-Island relays for CCOC registrations may be required for your PV System to be legal.

In accordance with new legislation Anti Island may be required for registration of PV solar system in many cases as…

Import tariffs proposed for solar panels in South Africa

Earlier this year, a local solar manufacturer in South Africa’s that is only 100% locally-owned solar panel manufacturer – lodged…

10 Year Warranty on your registered Pylontech batteries for owners who Register

Have you purchased Pylontech Lithium Iron batteries lately from a supplier?

It’s here !!!

he New Victron Multiplus II is a very powerful bi-directional Inverter that can be used for Solar Installations, Grid and Off-Grid setups as well as an UPS of quality and reliability

Blue Energy can do it!

Achieve the near impossible with Blue Energy The Challenge One year ago Orbic Solar was given the opportunity to design…

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