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Huge Eskom increases coming!

Eskom will exceed inflation by up to 3 times over the next couple of years!

Dark Days for Eskom Consumers?

The open-cycle gas turbines in the Western Cape is currently operating near full capacity, almost daily to meet demand and avoid load shedding.

1 Kw Wind Turbine

Choosing the correct Wind Turbine for your home or farm can make a huge different to having a successful yield and low operating costs.

SAN Park WEST-COAST Choose Orbic Solar

SAN Parks West Coast Earlier this year Orbic Solar was approached to assist with the design and installation of a…

Energy Storage for you Business or Home?

What is Energy Storage? Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later…

Why do PERC technology improve PV panel Effciency by up to 11% ?

What is PERC solar panels and what do you need to know about the benefits of PERC technology before you…

Communities and Producers in Africa will benefit on all levels from micro-grid with storage

What is the continent’s projected population? Projections for 2025 range from 1.397 billion to 1.486 billion. By 2050, the number…

Why your need the Types of Water Filtration Systems You’ll Find at Orbic Solar & Water

Why your need the Types of Water Filtration Systems You’ll Find at Orbic (Solar & Water) It should come as…

Severe Droughts for South Africa over the next decade!

With Cape Town the capital city of South Africa – at the climax of a severe drought and dam levels…

Air2Water Technology?

An atmospheric water generator (Air2Water) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew…

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