Orbic Solar PV Solar Geyser are the latest solar system to use sun lite more efficiently to convert solar power into heat.

PV Panels are used to transfer DC power to an DC/AC element , the Titanium element will first use sun power smartly and only use the AC power when there are not enough sun power. The system is up to 70 % more effcient that standard heat transfer solar geysers systems. PV solar geysers also is much easier to install and no plumbing will be required as only the old element will be replaced. Once installed the system will control the temperature automatically and smartly with temperature controller. You will always have hot water when you needed , whiteout wasting any energy!

PV solar system will repay itself more than 10 times over its life time. PV solar geyser will work with most geyser models. With PV solar geyser you don’t have to change the geyser, only the element and thermostat are replaced and PV panels supply power to element. The titanium element uses dual power ( 10 years Guarantee) first priority is DC power supplied from the sun, and when the weather is very bad or in the evening if the temperature goes down pas a threshold setting, the controller uses Eskom grid power to assists, this is only required in severe weather conditions and if the water temp needs to be very hot early in the morning. So in most conditions more than 85% of the time the power used will be sun power! Pv Solar geyser are also design to  us PV panels different from solar heat exchange panels, PV panels will last to 25 Years or more compare to heat exchange panels that might last 10 years .

Our  PV solar geyser uses a stronger Titanium dual power PTC element, that are designed to last the full lifetime of system and are covered with a 10 year guarantee. Titanium dual power element is much more efficient compared to traditional wire element.Solar PV geyser are therefore a much safer investment and will provide longevity and better return on your investment while providing nice hot water all the time. One of the other big advantages is that we don’t use any pumps!

Solar PV heating system will repay itself more that 10 times over it lifetime!

Solar PV system works very well when integrated with Solar Inverter system. Orbic Solar uses smart relays for integration into PV off-grid systems, making the system more reliable and increasing savings even more, thus no PV energy are wasted.

Solar PV geysers are supplied and installed by Orbic Solar.

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Please see diagram for concept on how PV Solar Geyser will be installed. Please note that PV solar Geyser installation will be done by a approved electrician.

Diagram of PV Heating System

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