Patented micro wind turbine for your house or enterprise from the market leader. Made in Germany

Durable Technology

The SkyWind NG is the first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. Key aspects are high power and durability at comparatively small size and weight. It’s patented and all metal design provides unique strength and an unmatchable service life. All components are prepared for quick installation. There’s no need to program the inverter or balance the rotor – it’s all just plug and play!


Our micro turbine was designed using state-of-the-art technologies like CFD´s (computational fluid dynamics) and is manufactured with 6-axis CNC machining centres. While design and metalwork is done in Germany, the DC-machine is made in America and assembled with the turbine in the world renown city of Hanover, Germany. Due to its outstanding aerodynamic performance the turbine generates only very low noise emissions and is allowed for German residential only area

Panels and Turbines
Panels and Turbines
1 kW Turbines in union
1 kW Turbines in union
Single 1 Kw
Easy to install on any Roof
Off Grid Application


  • Patented all metal design:  small –lightweight –compact –robust –stable
  • Patented rotor: no imbalance made from a single piece of metal
  • Small size of less 2 m. and therefore also mounted on the roof (1.5 m height)
  • No licence/ permission is required
  • Efficient, quiet, cost-effective and self-sufficient power generation
  • Ideal addition to photovoltaic systems: up to 90 % independence with wind, solar and storage system
  • Independent of continuously increasing electricity prices
  • Will cover your supply gap during the winter months
  • Already in use around the world
  • High Reliability and performance is outstanding
  • Designed, constructed and installed by our team of experts –without a crane
  • a independent institute measured and guaranteed performance –certified acc. IEC 61400-12-1 (standard for large turbines)
  • TÜV Germany confirmed the usability in residential areas
  • Rotor: weight 700 g, 3 mm thick, powder-coated, duralumin(aircraft aluminium), discreet colour and antireflex coating, extremely quiet through the Winglets (90°wingtips aircraft design)
  • Mounting with sound and vibration-isolated supports
  • The electricity can be used for personal consumption(off-grid) or connected to each battery
  • Robust Generator overrated to last longer
  • Inverter with microprocessor technology: power control with MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking –similar to PV system: continuous measurement of current and voltage at the input of the inverter. The turbine will be regulated and limited with the brake load in the event of storms.
Noise Level Data Table
Wind Speed performance data
Performance Curve 2
Performance Curve 2

3 Year Warranty

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