This 10 Kw Blue power system  , Installed in Constantia Hills outside Cape Town, delivers the impossible!

With PowerAssist: this function, unique to the VICTRON , takes PowerControl to a further dimension, allowing the system to supplement the capacity of the AC source. This is where we “achieved the impossible”: the bidirectional converter of the VICTRON Inverter operates in parallel with the AC input and PV Inverter and will add current (with energy from the battery) whenever demand exceeds the capacity of the supply! More power needed than the AC supply permits? The Blue Energy system will supply the difference with power taken from the battery. Has the load been reduced? The system will use any surplus power to recharge the batteries.

The system will lower power from Eskom by up to 30 kw/h per day by using the blue 5kw Solar Bank. The system feeds all excess power to the batteries, and when the batteries are fully charged. The system will feed back into the grid to lower the Eskom required power. The system can also be upgraded easily.


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