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Choosing the correct products and concept for your home or business are very important when you are planning to have a PV solar system installed. You need a partner that knows the industry, have many experience in the industry,but most important a partner that have a great track record.  Choosing the wrong partner can cost you a fortune while turning all the savings into losses. Orbic solar, only works with the most reliable and proven brands in the industry, giving you piece of mind that you not going to get the cheapest quality for high price, but rather excellent quality for a low price. So instead of saving a few pennies and suffering afterwards, we will ask you to pay a little more and give you real piece of mind for many years.  Solar systems are a real investment if planned and designed properly. Efficiency is a real factor, fire safety a real important issue. We look at all the gremlins and make sure your design will do what its supposed to deliver, which is the best possible efficiency, the highest ROI, and absolute safety for your home and family against possible electrical dangers and fires. So why not get a second better opinion? victron