What is the continent’s projected population?

Projections for 2025 range from 1.397 billion to 1.486 billion. By 2050, the number of people in Africa is expected to increase by another billion and by 2100 the United Nations forecasts there will be 4.185 billion people on the continent. These projections – referred to as “medium variants” – are regarded as the most probable.

Statisticians also calculate “low” and “high variants”. The United Nations, for example, predicts Africa’s population could be as low as 2.826 billion by 2100, or as high as 6.007 billion. If fertility rates – based on data from 2005 to 2010 – remain constant, Africa’s population could grow to a staggering 17.221 billion.

What is the continent’s projected power requirements?

Power requirements will contribute to a total power demand of an estimates whopping 3 100 TWh by 2040,  and in order to meet this energy demands various energy sources will need to be integrated for this ambitious escalating demand, including small-scale solar micro-grid driven power facilities.

Multi power generation with micro-grids

Small Scale micro-grids with multi power generation which are decentralized are  very well suited in producing sustainable quality electricity to remote areas, especially if the system is  low-cost, high quality and a flexible modular solutions.

The fact that small communities are struggling with poor or no energy in remote areas, requires designs, training and expertise that is affordable. Orbic Solar are in a position to provide these services that are required to fulfil the needs and expectation at a low cost, without compromising the integrity and safety of the solutions. The other important fact about micro grids are the fact that they can easily be integrated into the main grid. Micro grids can also be monitored remotely by means of internet connection or satellite internet, thus lowering the cost for unnecessary call outs.

Another very important point is that local people can be trained and used to assist with the installation and maintenance of the project. Workshops and on-site training are available from Orbic Solar, to train assistants with the maintenance of the project. Training local workers to maintain and assist with micro projects also creates new job opportunities and further the development of communities , with the additional benefit to increase the awareness of  micro-grids throughout Africa.

Orbic Solar also have a great track record and proof of work, this contributes to not only promising, but over delivering when it comes to micro-grid designs with storage and after sale support to communities through remote or on-site training.

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