Dark Clouds looms
Dark times looming

According to very reliable sources there are very deep concerns about the overall state of Eskom’s aging fleet of coal-fired power plants, and the ability of Eskom to meet demand in the next five years. The open-cycle gas turbines in the Western Cape is currently operating near full capacity, almost daily to meet demand and avoid load shedding.

Compared to 2017, the energy availability factor (EAF) has significantly deteriorated from 78,61% in 2017 to 73,74% in the 2018 calendar year to date, and the EAF is likely to drop lower in the summer months of 2018 ahead.

Unplanned plant breakdowns, as measured by the unplanned capability loss factor (UCLF), these are much higher than expected for the first part of 2018. Plus the planned maintenance outages remain high, as measured by the planned capability loss factor (PCLF).

To a large extent this terrible situation has been mitigated by flat and declining electricity demand. Weekly demand, calculated from the aggregated hourly metered energy sent out (local generation plus imports), has been hovering around 30 GW for the last 8 weeks. If electricity demand picks up, there are likely to be supply constraints and loadshedding will kick in.

The total energy sent out (TWh) in the 2018 calendar year to date, compared to the same period in 2017, is down by 0,37% to 155,87 TWh as at the end of week 36, 2018, while the peak winter demand for the 2018 year was 34276 MW – down 3,07% from the peak winter demand in 2017.

So what this is say is that sooner or later, the Government will force this issues down every consumers throat, with the attitude that the only way to rectify it, will be for consumers to pay levies on their electricity. If you are a homeowner, it’s really important that you start planning for this or you will be bankrupted by the rising electricity prices.

The plus side to all this, is that there are renewable energies and storage technologies, that can help you become less dependant on the Devils!

Fortunately there are a orange lining to every dark cloud. The answer is modern renewable energies!

Ask us how you can plan for your budget and location. You don’t have to lose all your money to fat cats and thieves that only want to use you as milking cows