The challenge:
Optimizing flexibility, cost, and time-to-market with Decentralized Systems

Decentralized Integration
Decentralized Integration

Cost. Energy production. ROI. When considering the design and layout of a commercial PV system, selecting the right technology and applying the most cost/performance-optimized method is paramount. It all comes down to ROI.

Through the adoption of global best practices and leading string inverter technology, Orbic Solar are moving towards a better model: decentralized commercial rooftop systems using string inverters. For PV plants ranging from 30kW to 1 MW, this model is simplifying installation, increasing energy production and lowering long-term costs, adding profit to the bottom line.

Decentrilized Objective
Decentralized Objective

KEY Considerations

Optimize Valuable Real estate
Without the need for a concrete pad or large area dedicated to housing a central inverter, parking and shipping areas remain free of obstruction. Likewise, on a commercial rooftop, all of the space is utilized for the system, with none being wasted.

Improved Energy Harvest Potential
A decentralized PV plant yields numerous performance advantages. Using the best string inverters, with industry-best efficiencies, integrators can immediately realize more energy production. With multiple MPPTs, energy harvest is optimized. Should problems arise, the redundancy provided by multiple inverters preserves system uptime and protects the owner from lost profit. Superior array monitoring options are also available, with minimal additional equipment, protecting the investment further. Reduced install and transport cost.

Utilizing cutting-edge string inverters
eliminate the need for costly heavy machinery such as cranes and rigging systems. Access roads, foundations or piers required for central inverters are eliminated. Transport is much simpler and freight costs are lower.

Balance of system (BOS) Savings
Shorter DC cabling runs and the elimination of DC combiner boxes save money. Combined, these make a decentralized approach to commercial PV the most cost-effective and profitable method available.Worry-Free Long-term Operation

Every commercial PV system needs an O&M plan.
By selecting the most reliable inverters available O&M can be virtually eliminated. If problems do arise, a longer factory warranty and short replacement product lead time ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum. With the decentralized approach, site hosts can be assured of years of worry-free operation with a minimum of plant maintenance.

A Best Practice for commercial systems
Decentralized commercial systems have been the preferred design concept in Europe and other international locations for a number of years. Orbic Solar is proud to bring the best from Global Integrator to South African Rooftops. Taking  advantage of world-class technology and unrivaled support.

Centralized or decentralized: Which is right?
The answer is the technology that is best for your project. When determining the technology to use for any given PV system, many considerations are made. Installation capabilities, upfront and long-term costs, energy production, maintenance, component availability, supplier stability and many more ultimately factor into the final decision.

Unmatched Flexibility
Integrators using leading string inverters can take advantage of greater design flexibility and a more granular approach to system optimization. Additional choices for string sizing and layout maximize energy harvest potential.

Concept to completion in record time
Time is money. By choosing a decentralized approach, integrators can take advantage of global manufacturing capacity and local production. This means lead times are reduced to days,
instead of months. So competitive advantage means less time is spent throughout the process, from ordering to installation.

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