Many roof top owners are unsure about what ROI to expect from their rooftop, and also uncertain about what products or brands to choose. Making a wrong decision on choosing a PV installer partner can be a very costly afair that can set back an investment with many years.

Orbic solar in partnership with top manufacturers now offers all rooftop owners the highest efficiency at the best prices in the industry. With results of up to 99.8% our systems efficiency improvements are 20% or more compared to our competitors. We choose to integrated the best combinations of top European energy products to achieve highest efficiencies at the best possible price . The net result is the highest ROI and lowest OPEX  in the industry. we have also worked hard to improve our installation teams technical skills which further lowers your initial CAPEX.  Through years of experience in electronics and electro- mechanics , we have selected the proper configurations and best equipment to achieve the desired results. Orbic Solar provides you the owner now with all the extra benefits a premium client should have, while lowering your risk on your investment.

10 important points that leads to a better investment.

  1. Maximize energy yields
  2. Lower Initial Capital Expense
  3. Increased Efficiency
  4. Lower maintenance costs
  5. Safe and more user friendly
  6. Achieve better yields on complex roof structures
  7. Lower Install cost
  8. Obtain Higher yield
  9. Use Smart Module Technology
  10. More reliable equipment

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Roof Potential and Layout
Efficiency – Roof Potential and Layout