Major storms can damage or weaken  PV structures and DC Cables

During the last few weeks, the severity of the storms that hit the Western Cape Coastal areas have been a major concern for many people.

Storm flooding and wind damage occurred throughout the province and even as far as Natal, and a state of disaster was announced by the Western Cape govement. According to many news sites, it seems coastal areas were hit the hardest.

Some wind speeds measured well over 100km per hour, but even higher speed gusts are possible on roof tops where panels are located. Trees and power lines was blown over and the most  severe damages in the provinces occurred in recorded history. This is really a major concern for most owners of PV systems, as most PV structures were not designed to handle winds speeds of over 100 km/h in most cases.

Service PV ArrayMake sure your Installation were not affected and damaged.

This seasons’ worse storms in history justifies strongly that all PV clients have a proper inspection done afterwards in order to be sure that their roof structures and PV cables between the roof and the Inverter location are still in a reliable condition.

Any small damages caused by the previous storms, may cause severe damages during the next storm season. Therefore being proactive before the next wild storm is a very good idea, and can save you a small fortune on maintenance or repairs later.

FLIR Cable Test

We can assist with a proper inspection of your PV roof structure support

We do proper inspections of roof and ground based structures as well as the cable connections of the panels . As  a extra option we can do an FLIR heat check on the cable connectors to assure you that the cables are in a good reliable working state and not getting to hot.


Please WhatsApp us on 061 2165 4780 if you would like to schedule a inspection on your roof structures and optional a Cable safety check.

Currently only available in the Western Cape.