With the shortages in water and power increases globally, these are a major obstacle for irrigation sustainability efficiency, some of the questions that needs to be asked now by the client are:

  1. Are my irrigation system designed correctly for the purpose it is used for?
  2. Are the pumps you using the correct pumps for the irrigation of your application?
  3. Was the the correct amount of water required correctly calculated for  irrigation of the planted substance?
  4. Was the calculations of evaporation done correctly considering the real temperature changes and wind speeds?
  5. Was the calculations done correctly for the complete time window of the growing plants or substance?
  6. Are the humidity measured correctly at the correct places for crops and plants?
  7. Are the system properly monitored and are flow data available?
  8. Can you easily make adjustments on the irrigation system performance without compromising the required needs of flow and power.
  9. Do you have any data to analyze on your system for performance
  10. Does you system know if pipes are leaking water?


These are a few important questions that all agriculturist or farmers must be able to answer yes to when it comes to irrigation, if you cant answer yes to any of these questions, it may be that your system is not designed correctly. You could be loosing much more money than what you think. Any water pumped are electrical work that needs to be done,and incorrect designs will loose money on waist and on crop optimum achievements.

IrriSmart ©  are a division of Orbic Technology and we consult and develop irrigation systems that are more efficient and correctly specked for the specified application. We  can also look at your current system pumps and pipe lines. And will do a complete analysis of your system and provide you with a detailed report on where your system is having incorrect designs and are wasting  water and energy. Further more, if you are planning a new irrigation system , we can design the most optimum system and integrate the irrigation system into a green energy network

IrriSmart © are an water and power efficiency design service of Orbic technology Pty Ltd

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