In accordance with new legislation Anti Island may be required for registration of PV solar system in many cases as per local and international legislation and safety regulation.

Anti-Island-RelayThe ability of a small-scale embedded generator (SSEG) installation to instantly and automatically disconnect from the municipal electrical grid is legally required when there is a power outage at the utility municipal electrical grid, thus preventing the SSEG from exporting electricity to the municipal
grid. This is primarily to protect municipal workers working on the grid who may be unaware that the grid may still be energized by SSEG.

Grid-protection According to NRS097 standards is required by Home owners for their PV systems in order to register some SSEG systems legally with local municipality.

The function of the output-relays and of the connected switches can be be monitored with feed-back contacts. When a connected switch does not switch off, the UFR does not switch on again. When a switch does not switch on it needs to makes 2 restarts and thus improves availability of monitored plant.

Functions that need to be achieved with a legal Anti-Island device:

  • Under and overvoltage monitoring 15…520 V
  • Measuring phase-neutral or phase-phase
  • Monitoring of under- and overfrequency  45…65 Hz
  • Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average)
  • Monitoring of vector shift  2…65°
  • Monitoring of rate of change of frequency (ROCOF, df/dt) 0,100…5,000 Hz/s
  • One-fault-proof with monitoring of connected switches (defeatable when using the integrated switch of pv and battery inverter acc. to DIN EN 62109 (VDE 0126-4))
  • 2 automatic restarts at error
  • Passive anti-islanding protection acc. to ch. 6.5.3 and app. D2
  • Switching delay adjustable 0.05 … 300 s
  • Switching back delay adjustable 0 … 6.000 s
  • Preset values  acc. to:
  • VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 (Pr2), VDE-AR-N 4105-2011-08 (Pr1)
  • VDE-AR-N 4110:2018-11 (PR11-14) and BDEW (Pr 3-6)
  • Alarm counter for 100 alarms (trip value, cause and rel. time stamp)
  • Record of added times of alarms
  • Input for standby with counter and recording of time
  • Test button and simulation with measuring of switching-times
  • Sealing. All values can be read-out when sealed
  • Installation and programming with pre-set programs
  • Housing for DIN-rail-mount, 105 mm wide, mounting height 66 mm
  • South Africa: Certificate of conformity NRS 097-2-1:2010 1.0
Typical Anti Island Diagram

If you need any assistance with your SSEG requirements for legal conformity or registration of your PV system , please contact us to discuss your requirements