Control the amount of power
from a PV installation that is exported
to the electricity grid.

Large PV systems are installed on premises that normally have high levels of self-consumption, such as factories, schools, businesses or farms. During daytime hours and weekdays most or all of the electricity being produced will be consumed directly on site with very little being exported. Only on days such as weekends and bank holidays is there potential for all the power generated to end up exported onto the grid. This may result into legal issues with the local council or with Eskom. An PPA agreement with Eskom may require that none or only a per-determined amount of electricity can ever be exported onto the grid.

With our export limitation designs, you can utilize your PV system full potential during your peak operating hours, which is normally during day time and you  dont have to worry about large amounts of surplus electricity entering the grid on weekends and bank holidays (when it is least needed). So our solutions will overcome this problem successfully.


A major expense when installing commercial PV systems over 16A per phase can be the cost to upgrade the grid infrastructure to accommodate the increased power flowing from the array to the grid. The cables and transformers need to be able to deal with the maximum energy the PV system is going to export. Unfortunately, because of this some commercial PV systems are considered non-viable due to the high costs. With export limitation the installation owner can reduce their electricity bill with a PV installation without the extra cost of upgrading the grid infrastructure.

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