We use many alternative energy products including:

Inverter, PV Panels, Batteries, Wind Turbines, Micro Hydro Power, Bio Generators



We use many inverters including grid tied and off grid. We also have Hybrid Inverters which are the latest technology on the market, the manufacturers we use has been around for 15 years and currently we also import our own range of  inverters from overseas, which cuts the middle man and saves cost.


PV Solar Panels

The panels are A grade Multi Crystalline or Poly Grade with efficiency off up to 92.5%, they are all produced locally and overseas. We offer up to 30 year warranty on power output. We also specialize in mono crystalline panels with efficiency of up to 94%.



Batteries is Orbic Gel type batteries, we have a large range and are increasing efficiency and capacity for many applications, also currently being manufactured from overseas, we offer lifetime expectancy of up to 10 years on our Nano Gel batteries.


Wind Turbines

We Design schema s to integrate flawlessly with your requirements and then source and Supply the wind energy solutions at the best possible prices. Making sure that you get a working solution without loosing your guarantees from the manufacturers


Pumps and Pumps Controllers

There are many manufacturers, with thousands of solutions. We have specialized people with many years of experience in the industry, they will gladly assist you with the correct specifications for your solutions. Using the most efficient pump at the most efficient cost is incredible important to saving in electricity costs. Its a known fact that 98% of pumps used in Europe alone are wrongly selected for the application! Choosing the correct pump for your project, can be a daunting task. Pumps are one of the biggest electrical eaters and using the wrong pumps will eat your money and profits without you knowing it. Most of the times pumps are chosen for cost only, without considering future electrical costs, we can help find the best balance for your application.