Orbic Solar have been supplying and installing renewable and electrical equipment since 2013. We design and install systems, but also supply products to end users.  We have many different products that are a important extension to our main business. Such as:


We use many inverters including grid tied, Islands, Hybrid and off grid Inverters. The manufacturers we use has been around for longer than 15 years with equipment that have been proven in the industry.


We supply many different chargers, including AC and DC chargers. As well as fireproof rated chargers.

PV Solar Panels

Orbic Solar knows what panels gives you better value and higher yields, we always look to improving technologies, efficiency and reliability. So, when we suggest a PV panels for your needs, you can rest assure, that it will be premium quality and the latest generation technologies. We use some of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers and work with products that have an excellent track record.
What Makes Orbic PV Modules selection different than our competition?

  • Technology for a Lifetime 25 – 30 Year output warrantee.
  • Sophistication and Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Weather Proof materials and resistant to corrosion.
  • High Quality fishing’s.
  • The best yield per m2 for your investment.
  • Highly Durable and strong structures that can withstand the new weather patterns.
  • Positive Tolerance (You always get more kw from us than what you pay for)

We learn what works and what don’t, and pass that on to our clients. So, you don’t have to pay school fees.


Every project is different and  making sure that the correct batteries are being used is key.  Some batteries are stronger for shorter periods, while others are not will last longer at lower consumption. So we help you plan properly and make the correct selections for your needs. Our battery models cover Lithium Iron Phosphate, AGM and many other types of chemistry. We have trialed and tested many brands over the last 7 years and knows what to use and when to use them. Incorrect battery selection can and will be a very costly exercise that can be solved with proper planning.

Wind Turbines

Wind can be a very effective power source if used at the correct ratio and power size. Integrating a small or large turbine into a schema can be rewarding and surprisingly effective against power outages. But to do it correctly need proper integration and the correct equipment.  Making sure that you get a working solution without loosing your guarantees from the manufacturers is key when you want to venture on the windy path. So why not rather outsource theis and make sure you have a partner that will do your planning with success and savings in mind.

Pumps and Pumps Controllers

There are many manufacturers, with thousands of solutions. We have specialized people with many years of experience in the industry, they will gladly assist you with the correct specifications for your water movement solutions. Using the most efficient pump at the most efficient cost is incredible important to saving in electricity costs. Its a known fact that 98% of pumps used in Europe alone are wrongly selected for the application! Choosing the correct pump for your project, can be a daunting task. Pumps are one of the biggest electrical eaters and using the wrong pumps will eat your money and profits without you knowing it. Most of the times pumps are chosen for cost only, without considering future electrical costs, we can help find the best balance for your application.

PLC’s and Automation Equipment

Integrating renewable power with PLC and process intruments can be a daunting task, something not every Solar Company will be able to do. Orbic Solar have experience in setting up PLC systems to function reliably on alternative energy solutions. We can help your factory or plant  become less dependent on grid power and more functional on renewable energy with massive long term savings.

Electrical Isolation and Cables

All our electrical equipment used in your project, are selected from the top manufacturers and quality are our first priority. We will use the optimum solar DC cable, with the correct size for every situation. Thereby increasing safety and efficiency on our system and batteries. All our isolators are compliant to electrical standards and solar energy requirements locally and internationally. We also do surge protection and lightning protection integration.

Networking and IOT equipment

With the world changing fast , we have you covered with the technologies to keep your system on the Cloud.

Security Systems powered by Photo Voltaic systems.

Having security without any grid power, can be a disaster and life threatening , for you or your employees. We can design and install security systems that uses renewable energy ver effectively to be self powered. Which means when Eskom goes out for the night your cameras wont leave with them.

Our database of products are over 10 000 items , so if you need anything related to our post, please call us for the correct detail and price.