The earth’s climate is changing faster by the day, according to ice cores from Antarctica, the past 400,000 years have been dominated by glacials climate changes, also known as ice ages, that last about 100,000. These glacials have been punctuated by interglacials, short warm periods which typically last 11,500 years. Figure 1 below shows how temperatures in Antarctica changed over this period. Because our current inter-glacial (the Holocene)climate has already lasted approximately 12,000 years, it has led some to claim that a new ice age is imminent. Is this a valid claim? Lets see if there are proof gathering.

Figure 1: Temperature change at Vostok, Antarctica (Petit 2000). The timing of warmer interglacials is highlighted in green; our current interglacial, the Holocene, is the one on the far right of the graph

The changing processes of global climate from hot to very cold in very short times must be taken serious,29% growth in the arctic ice caps in a single year, with increasing ice build ups in the polar regions including farther south from the poles! So now its time to start to ask more questions from mainstream science. If the cooling continues onward from 2017 into 2018, more evidence are gathering that the sun are cooling and we might be entering a mini ice age. Then the real questions  are not co2 problems but food shortage around the globe. The severe snow and ice frosting in Europe and many other countries this past northern winter have already destroyed a lot of food production and caused a impact in food prices in Europe . If this trend continues and accelerates over the next couple of years should we not be aware that a cooling period can influence global food production severely. With the net effect being severe shortages of food globally.  The real question then on personal level should be how will this effect me? And should I start planning to be more independent.

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