What is percentage % solar factor?


In short it means using solar at a predetermine percentage ratio with your current Eskom power. In other words, we split your Eskom usage into two part without compromising the operation of your electrical equipment or electrical wiring.

This is a great way to lower and control your Eskom bill over time and to increase your asset value of your property at the same time.

This setup is very flexible and can be upgraded over time to lower Eskom price increases every year.


Example: Small business currently pays R 2500 per month to Eskom for power. We provide some options for the business to use depending on its available budget. (Self-paying Loans can be used to repay the solar system if cash flow is tight)

Option 1: 75% Solar and 25% Eskom

Option 2: 50% Eskom and 50% solar power, thus the system will have to produce enough power to achieve this setup.

Option 3: 25% Solar and 50% Eskom, a smaller solar system can be selected to lower initial cost, but the same results are obtained. The combined power usage will still provide all the required power.

Options 4: 10% solar and 90% Eskom


From the options you will see we don’t propose 100 %Solar, as this is not realistic to achieve by only using solar power.


How does weather patterns effect this setup?

Solar Systems will always give the maximum power it can from the system and livable light, and your system will s use whatever the solar system provides at the given time if the demand is available. Thus if we assume the solar is producing 100% of its potential then the system will use all 100% of the solar first before using any of Eskom power. But remember, if the supply of solar energy is less than the demand of the equipment, we will need to add Eskom power too. This way we always use all the solar energy and only add Eskom power when required. The scenario is, there are not enough %solar power and the demand is high. The system will use the little %solar power always first and will again use the remaining required power from Eskom.