We Offer The best and most reliable in Solar Lighting designed for Africa

If you are considering or planning for energy savings, you have come to the right place. Orbic Solar offers extensive solar lighting products and we can design a tailor made energy savings package for you. Our range of solar lighting products offers answers for a wide range of application. Our systems seamlessly integrate a highly efficient MonoCrystalline solar panel, durable and long lasting Lithium LiFePo4 batteries and other intelligent features all built into the one compact system. Importantly, not only are our systems easy to install with its ‘plug & play’
wiring, but our diverse product range also offer our customers greater flexibility in selecting the most suitable sized system to ensure greater operating performance and affordability in illuminating a wide range of areas.

Lighting the way

Trusted by municipal, government and commercial
corporations Orbic solar have selected All-InOne’ solar lighting products that will delivers unrivaled performance and
feature packed technology, making our products the ideal solution for car parks, minor roads, pedestrian pathways and various other applications.
It offers total freedom from electrical ‘mains power’ without need for trenching cabling or expensive work crews; This also means that our solar lighting are immune to grid power fluctuations and blackouts, ensuring flawless performance and continuity of service, safety and security all year round.

Lithium Battery &
Charging Unit

We uses new-generation MPPT charging on Lithium LiFeP04 batteries which offers 3 times more
storage and power capacity versus conventional Lead Acid batteries. Our battery
design uniquely features many ‘small’ lithium iron battery’s packed into a ‘dual’
battery assembly that minimizes stress and heat during both discharging and charging
cycles ensuring long term reliability. Lithium Iron batteries are also able to discharge
to an incredible 90% without any damage to them before the under voltage battery
protection ‘cuts out’ any further operation.


Battery Protection

Built tough to withstand the harshest and most extreme environments Australia has to offer, from blistering heat to
freezing conditions. What ever the environment is, our lithium battery’s and smart protection features are up for the
challenge; Our lithium battery’s are able to work in extreme heat of up to 60 degree celsius & some products can even
have an optional thermal heating module added to keep the lights operating in sub freezing conditions as low as –40
degrees. Additionally, Our newly designed battery packs offer multi-protection technology that allows the ‘individual’ battery’s
to work normally even in the unlikely event that some battery’s become damaged.

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