What is PERC solar panels and what do you need to know about the benefits of PERC technology before you buy solar PV panels.

Not only do PERC panels look very impressive they also perform much better and here are the reasons.

Depending on which source is consulted, PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, Passivated Emitter Rear Contact or even Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. First invented in Australia in the 1980s by a scientist named Martin Green and his team at University of New South Wales. So PERC technology adds an extra layer to the rear-side of a solar cell, its really all there is. But what makes this so smart?

After years spent by engineers and manufacturers producing cheap polycrystalline panels for many years,  less attention was paid to taking advantage of production opportunities from the backside. When they finally looked at the back side and PERC got invented, well that was when things really got interesting. PERC cell technology defines a solar cell architecture that differs from the standard cell architecture that has been in use for three decades and that is usually featured in all photovoltaic manuals. To better understand the difference between Perc and standard solar panels, lets first lets look at how the structures of crystalline solar cells produced are different compared to PERC/

With PERC panels there are a extra passivated rear contact added to the back of the panels, which basically in simple terms are the real reason behind this hype. The passivated section has the net effect of trapping some light inside the panels when it bounces of the layer, where with a normal layer the light will pass through. The nett effect is a technology that improves efficiency on a practical level by up 11%. Perc panels therefore realy do great at coastel areas as they perform much better under cloudy conditions.


For a more detailed diagram see the drawing below.

Now the last few months the press have been populated by press releases from manufacturers stating that they would either increase their manufacturing capacity in PERC cell technology in order to produce high power and high efficiency solar panels, switch complete manufacturing capacities to this technology or achieved efficiency records. To help you weather the flow of information, discern the right from the sales pitch, we are always prepared to explain the details and provide you with technical data on whats reliable and available in the market place.

Typical PERC Panels installed by Orbic Solar.

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