Jun 2, 2015

About Us

 Orbic is a experienced alternative energy Solution Partner with the mindset and skill to create a cleaner healthier environment for you or your business while saving you on current and future energy bills.

Our goals are to assist businesses and individuals in their en-devour to “go green or go off-grid” with the most reliable renewable energy and efficient water systems.

From planning to the finale product installed, we can help you all the way. We have more than 25 years experience in various technical fields and a excellent track record.

We research and use the latest innovations and technology to achieve the optimum designs and are always researching better methods to gain the best ROI on our solutions with the lowest operating costs.

Orbic Solar are partners with many top manufactures and distributors in the industry, to bring you the best products at a very good price. But having the best products without the the “Correct” design wont help much as the incorrect design will have a far inferior ROI over a long period.

So we do a proper analysis of your requirements before we even quote on a system. After the analysis you will know exactly what to budget for and how to achieve your goals of becoming more self sustainable and less dependent on the Grid power.

Our Clients:

  • Businesses
  • Residential Owners
  • Guest Houses
  • Hotels
  • Farms and Game Ranches
  • Agriculture Research
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Factories and Manufacturing
  • Rural Areas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • If not listed.. most probably for you as well! So get in contact and we can see how we can help you go green and save.

Services and Solutions

  • PV Solar Designs – We design the Proper System Spec for your needs
  • Installations of System Solutions
  • Blue Power™
  • Solar Powered Aquaponic farms of the future
  • System Automation and Integration
  • Alternative Energy for HVAC
  • OFF-Grid Sewage disposal
  • Water and Waist Water Management – Can be powered by renewable
  • Consulting ( If you just want expert advice on your board)
  • We also design pump system

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