SAN Park WEST-COAST Choose Orbic Solar

SAN Parks West Coast Earlier this year Orbic Solar was approached to assist with the design and installation of a Solar System for SAN Parks West Coast main cottage. The main contractor was left in a difficult position as the original solar installer disappeared, and nobody was willing to do the project for the price Read more about SAN Park WEST-COAST Choose Orbic Solar[…]

PV Water Heating

PTC and PV Heating Water

PTC  immersion heater systems have been successfully installed and tested by Orbic Solar over the last 5 years on many Geysers. The technology are not new, but to obtain a efficient working design and integration of this system with Blue Energy is very tricky. A proper understanding of tolerances and electric automation are required. We Read more about PTC and PV Heating Water[…]

School Soccer Field irrigation Powered with Orbic Solar

The school in Strand, western Cape , will have many new soccer playing star kids soon. Thanks to a charity, that funded the project a complete solar powered irrigation system are being installed at the high school Simanyene, The system will provide water from a borehole and use the sun’s power to drive a brand Read more about School Soccer Field irrigation Powered with Orbic Solar[…]

120 kw OFF-GRID Solar System “Op Die berg farm” lowering Diesel cost by up to 98% – 6 Years Running

The total 120Kw system is currently running with very low maintenance now for nearly 6 years and saved the owner 1000s of Kw/h without the need for Eskom power and  limited diesel usesage. Expensive eskom connection cost more than the complete PV solar and battery setup. The sites consist of 4 Micro grids, each around Read more about 120 kw OFF-GRID Solar System “Op Die berg farm” lowering Diesel cost by up to 98% – 6 Years Running[…]

10 Kw Blue Energy System

This 10 Kw Blue power system  , Installed in Constantia Hills outside Cape Town, delivers the impossible! With PowerAssist: this function, unique to the VICTRON , takes PowerControl to a further dimension, allowing the system to supplement the capacity of the AC source. This is where we “achieved the impossible”: the bidirectional converter of the Read more about 10 Kw Blue Energy System[…]

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