Guest houses, can benefit greatly from solar energy as a supportive power source. Orbic Solar  have designed systems specifically for guest houses, that will assist in lowering the power usage over time and safe the owner more money in the long run with the best possible ROI on his investment. When choosing a solar system, it must be considered what the long term strategies are and what efficiencies are required to achieve the most optimum setup.  Also it is very important to take note that choosing the correct solution based on price and efficiency will make a large contribution in saving on power over time.

Should an incorrect system be installed, it will have a long term loss compared to choosing the proper solution. The fact is that efficiency and price are factors that needs to be addressed in the planing phase as a long term strategy.

We have taken many years to establish proper solutions that will outperform our competitors and will cost less. We have developed various systems that can be incorporated into your requirements.